This is the branch dedicated to correcting bite. Teeth strengthening will also provide you with better aesthetics, which is always a nice plus!


Braces are the devices capable of treating overcrowded or misplaced teeth, as well as resolving bite and jaw problems.

Whether you underbite, have an open bite or a deep bite, among others, you’ll be able to get that fixed so your teeth stop damaging because of it.

After this, not only will your teeth work better, but your smile will look that much better.

At Tracey’s Dental, we’re prepared to work this treatment with both, children and adults, with options specifically tailored to their situation and needs.

Damon Braces

The Damon system for braces is a preferred option over the usual metal braces for various reasons: first, they move naturally to re–align, which provides you with more comfort, as well as helping you get the desired result faster.

Second, there are options of clear braces, which means most people won’t easily notice you’re even wearing them, which is always a big plus in looks while in treatment.

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