Beautiful and painless

Tracey’s Dental is the cost–effective place to get that Hollywood smile you desire.Too good to be true? Watch yourself.


Hi, we're Traceys Dental

We’ve created this family owned business that brings you the quality you want, with thecare you need.

In us, you’ll have a group of dentists that look out for your comfort and health.

We’renot El Coco.

Who’s in your team?

Say goodbye to dental offices from the Inquisition!

There are many things people think of when they imagine a dental office.Boring, dull and old are sadly among them.
Not here. Dental technology, a nice looking place and a safe space should all be integral to anyplace you’re looking into getting treatment done.

We know. We didn’t discover it. We just decided to hear you and give you what you’relooking for.

Because for some reason, there’s people stuck in the Inquisition era. They want you tofeel at home, but they give you a waiting room with a 12th century movie setting.We know that’s not you.

You want something that gets you excited. Someone who trulygives you that “at home” comfort. That familiar trust.

You’ve finally arrived at that place.

Getting a beautiful smile should be painless

We know it. You know it. They know it, too.

It’s not rocket science. Yet, they refuse to give you what we put our 100% into: bringing your smile back to life without you having to suffer from it.

At Tracey’s Dental, that’s our mantra.
Dental work should be painless.

So here it is.

I want that for myself

Smile recovery. All in one place

It’s fun to go from place to place when you’re shopping.
You might even like to buy things from different stores.
But not when you need treatment.
Because when that’s the case, it’s much more comfortable to get everything in one single place.
Which is why we have everything you need right here.

How else can you help me?
Caution: love at first sight
See what your future smile could look like.
Real people, real experiences.
Need some more reassurance?
See what we can do