This is who we are

Tracey’s Dental is a family owned business that brings you the quality you want, with the care you need.

Built by Marcela Tracey, she partnered with people she trusted the most to make her grandmother's investment worth it, with practices her patients could be proud of.

Tracey’s Dental is about confidence. And the only reasonable way to build that, is to make sure we deliver on our promises.

Here, you’ll get to meet the people who’ve made it so far as to join our team in this journey to fulfill your dream smile.

We believe it’s possible to get you a Hollywood worthy smile if only you dare to.
It’s a promise.


Amassing a solid 13 years of experience in dental Marcela, founder of Tracey's Dental, makes sure that you have everything you need for your dental work.

She’s a dental translation specialist. Because, of course, doctors speak in a foreign language,

Marcela looks out to tell you exactly what they meant so you can make better decisions and complete your treatment as you should.
A believer of the luck of the irish, she’s looking forward to meeting you at Tracey’s, your new dental lucky charm.


Alejandro Macias is the go to man to accommodate and make your visit at Tracey’s much more pleasant.
As a former college football player, he knows what pain feels like. Which is why he’s the right person to assure you this is a safe place.

A place you’ll go home satisfied afterwards.

Dr. Geno

Geno is a hard working woman, who strived to get to where she’s at right now. Having studied during the day, and working at a prosthesis lab during the evenings, she’s the best person to diagnose you.

She believes that excellent practices start just there: in diagnosis. A focused, lifelonglearner, Geno loves to understand why some things have success and why others don’t.

In that regard, she has the capacity to provide you with the right steps you need to takein order for your treatment to be successful.
The one thing she’s most happy about her work is that her patients always refer her toothers because of their painless experience.

Dr. Joshua

Joshua is our orthodontics and implants expert. He’s the go to guy, even for other professionals, who sometimes reach out to him to seek his opinion and guidance.
Certified as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, taking part of the Oral Implantology College, and having a Master’s on Implants, Joshua prides himself on teaching others and making even his students do work they’re proud of.
He chose this profession because he’s a perfectionist. It also helps that he’s a workaholic. Both, combined, make his practice like no other.

Also: Joshua is a pet lover. Having six dogs, a cat, and a tortoise, among others, at home.

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