General Dentistry
A general dentist is the professional who handles preventive and overall dental health concerns. They’re prepared to keep your teeth clean and correctly diagnose anything that may need to be fixed.


A filling allows your tooth to be restored after being affected by decay.This decay will be removed and your tooth will be fully cleaned of cavities before it getsfilled again.Depending on your preferred materials, it’s how long your filling will last.

Dental Cleaning

No matter how good of a dental hygiene routine you have, there are places that we’renot able to reach out, or even notice have food leftovers in.That’s where a professional cleaning comes in. This painless procedure helps you stay clean, healthy and good looking within your smile.

Exams and x–rays

Dentists are professionals that are able to diagnose problems.

But even for them, some things are just not able to be seen with in the human eye alone.

For that, we perform x–rays and a set of different exams that allow us to get a better understanding of your specific state.


A great treatment starts with a great diagnosis. To be able to suggest anything to you anything, we need to know what you’ve beengoing through, what your needs are and your medical history.

All this allows us to know the specific treatment options that’ll get your back and eating, speaking and smiling properly again.


If by any chance you need a tooth removed, either because it broke, it's causing severepain and can’t be saved, or because it’s about to fall off by itself, we may professionally extract it.

This will make things easier for you in terms of pain, as well as making sure you don’tget any infections. If there was any disease, we’ll also be able to detect it or ensure that any physicaldamage you may have gone through won’t affect the rest of your teeth.

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