Dental Implants
The implantology specialty is the right one to grant you dental implant success. These professionals are qualified to diagnose, place and provide the right treatment for them, as well as recommend you the options that suit you best.

Dental Implants

Implants are able to replace your dental roots and are a sort of structure that ensures your teeth replacements can stay in your mouth.

They can bring all the usual advantages of other options, such as regaining confidence, improving your speech and eating better.

But they offer something that a removable denture can’t: the convenience of having them set and lasting for years to come.

All on X system

For the ones who need lots of implants, the All on X system might be a better solution.

Consider this: your dentist will charge you for every implant you need individually. Plus, that’s not counting the time it will take to get everything done.

That’s where All on X comes in: not only will your implants be able to get placed quicker, but it’ll also work within a lower budget than if you do them individually.

At the moment, we’re able to do sets of 4 or 6 implants, which are All on 4 and All on 6.

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