Cosmetic Dentistry
This one is all about making your smile regain it’s beauty. Of course, as with all things medical, it will improve your health. But it’s mostly about the looks.

E-max veneers

These are thin layers placed in front of your tooth, enhancing the functionality and looks of your tooth.

Considering the materials used in the Emax treatment, these can be done and prepared faster, so results are quicker for you, among the benefits of having a better feel as well as being durable despite their thinness.


We’re all for healthy smiles. But a terrific looking smile doesn’t harm anyone! Whitening, as the name suggests, will make your teeth whiter.

If you have stains because of what you regularly consume (such as soft drinks or tobacco), or if you’re just looking to improve your smile’s look, this treatment may be for you given your teeth are not too sensitive.

Full mouth restoration

Sometimes, there are too many things to deal with within your teeth.

This means lots, if not all, of your tooth will be either replaced or rebuilt.

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